To:      TAMU-CC Campus Community

From:  SGA Executive Board Members

Date:   June 5, 2020

Re:      The SGA’s Message to our Islander Community Regarding the Death of George Floyd  


“I can’t breathe.”


We write to you today to express our explicit concern for the future of our students, our community, and our nation. As members of the Student Government Association at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, we strive to Serve, Guide, and Act on behalf of the entire student body. Today, we share with you our deepest disappointment and anguish over the brutal murder of George Floyd and many other black individuals due to police brutality.

The immense threats and dangerous factors we face in society today are undeniable. Amid a global health emergency, the recent murder of George Floyd and subsequent acts of brutality against black individuals has fueled an ongoing moral crisis in America. Unfortunately, this consistent crisis we face today is the harsh underlying reality in which many African Americans endure every single day, as a result of deep-rooted and ingrained Systemic Racism and Injustice in this country.

On behalf of the Student Government Association Executive Board, we want to wholeheartedly condemn and express our disapproval and absolute disdain for the acts of violence perpetrated against Black American lives, including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tony McDade, and Emmett Till. Also including the many of which who have sadly gone unnamed. Collectively, we, hold a sense of fear and concern as to how the recent events will shape the futures of each of our students. Our Islander family should know that this organization will work tirelessly to ensure that the cause at hand will not be forgotten or labeled a “social media trend”. Black Lives Matter: therefore, the Student Government Association will work alongside our Black student population to help further the cause of eliminating and eradicating all discrimination in our community.  

            Furthermore, we wish to stress the importance of the SGA motto, “Serve, Guide, Act” as a means of action for all students. At Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, it is important to use the principles of “Serve, Guide, and Act” to work alongside our Black students in alliance by practicing the following:

To Serve:


  • Racism and violence against African American individuals are issues of importance. They strike the very heart of people and should draw empathy and outrage alike. In turn, the difficult events we find ourselves facing can take an extreme toll on the morale of individuals. As Islanders, we must find the time to reach out to our neighbors to be an ally and a fellow community member. We can serve our community by exposing and utilizing the true compassion and humanity within each of us to help our students cope with and navigate hostile situations that they encounter. Let it be reinforced that hate DOES NOT have a place at our Island University.


To Guide:


  • In these horrific times, it is essential that all Islanders familiarize and educate themselves with the knowledge of Systemic Racism in our country. It is important that they also work actively to inform and educate those who remain ignorant around them. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is made up of more than 600 students whom identify as African American, and each one of their voices advances us forward as a community; therefore, reach out and listen to them to further educate yourself. Remember also that it is not the responsibility of African American individuals to educate us on this systemic racism. Together, we can guide each other on the path toward inclusion and equity.


To Act:


  • Systemic Racism and Injustice can be found in every fabric of our society and in the very “DNA” of our culture. It goes without mention that any major systemic change will require a complete manipulation of our culture’s “DNA”. This manipulation starts with each of us. Consequently, we encourage you to act by becoming involved on campus with causes such as our Black Student Union and Islander Cultural Alliance. We must all be the change that we wish to see. Moreover, we urge you to take action that can have a lasting impact and help solidify our university’s plea for diversity and inclusion.


As time progresses, it is likely that policies and initiatives will be encouraged by our University Administration. For instance, our university’s initiative of creating a Chief Diversity Officer position. As members of the Student Government Association, we will work to ensure that our administration is held accountable for any initiatives they begin, and we will work to see each of them completed for the betterment of our student body. We must have accountability on our campus if we wish to see the necessary change.

We wish to ensure all that we will amplify and elevate the voices of the People of Color that occupy this community. We promise to push for policy that celebrates the excellence of Black Lives, Culture, and History in our curriculum and education. Students should always have the power and access to speak up. Let it be known that this Executive Board supports their causes and their lives wholeheartedly. Our Black students are valuable and necessary to this world and their livelihoods are valued immeasurably. This is a promise that is available to all students, regardless of race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We as an Executive Board will seek to include voices of students who feel they may not be represented or heard. We seek to facilitate and encourage change that acts to benefit its population of Black students for generations to come. 

            Finally, we invite you to reach out and use your voice to fight the systemic racism and injustice that we face today. Let us work together to ensure that this University be a place of safety, inclusion, and diversity and live up to its full potential. Our thoughts continue to be with you all in these difficult times.


Never forget that WE ARE ISLANDERS!


With Heavy Hearts and Utmost Support,


SGA Executive Board Members:

Laraib Fatima, Student Body President

Muhammad Ahmed, Student Body Vice-President

RJ Loa, SGA Chief Justice

Jacob Benavides, SGA Secretary

Cassidy Willman, SGA FYC Director




 The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Student Government Association has the dedication and momentum to effectively serve, guide and act on behalf of our student body while promoting the general welfare of our Island Campus.

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